Fancast Exclusive: Greek at the Paley Center

by Casey Chan


It’s so good to be Greek right now. The show has adults reminiscing about the past, high school kids dreaming about the future, and college coeds secretly wishing they were attending Cyprus Rhodes University alongside the ZBZ’s, Kappa Tau’s, and Omega Chi’s. The series has become ABC Family’s most watched original series for adults aged 18-34, giving not only the “new kind of family” friendly network a reason to smile, but viewers as well—for more Greek!

So why should you watch? Fancast attended the special Paley Center for Media panel for Greek, ABC Family’s hit dramedy to give you 5 good reasons to go Greek…and some inside scoop, including what’s coming up on the season finale, what Ugly Betty cast member is doing a guest spot and who’s not coming back next season!

5. Because it’s the first show aside from Felicity to revolve entirely around the complex world of college life…
– Creator and writer, Patrick Sean Smith, revealed that Greek spawned from his amazing experience in college at the University of Texas at Austin. He said, “What I wanted to see in the show was that phase in your life where you’re not an adult yet but you’re also not a kid anymore. It’s really about learning about opportunities of assuming responsibilities whether you want to or not…and still just trying to have fun. That’s what I missed in this genre…characters who weren’t super angsty or neurotic and that they were confident…”

4. Because there’s certainly nothing like a catfight…or a fight over a girl…

– The show’s fearless heroine and current ZBZ president, Casey Cartwright, played by Spencer Grammer (Frasier’s…a.k.a. Kelsey Grammer’s daughter) has racked up some enemies on her way to the top. It doesn’t look like Casey and little Sis, Rebecca Logan, will be making amends anytime soon now that Rebecca, the Senator’s daughter, who in the first episode did major damage hooking up with Casey’s then boyfriend Evan, is now happily dating Casey’s other ex Cappie. Meanwhile, Casey and her big Sis, Franny, have been feuding for the past couple months too. And, if that’s not enough drama…we just found out that Cappie and Evan used to be roommates and good friends freshman year until Casey popped up and pulled them apart.

– There doesn’t appear to be any real life catfights between cast members though. Amber Stevens, who plays Ashleigh—Casey’s confidante and best friend, has been caught hanging out with Tiffany Dupont, who plays Franny—the former back-stabbing ZBZ president, at the 3rd Street Promenade. And, although they might hate each other’s guts onscreen Jake McDorman, who plays the Omega-Chi heart throb—Evan, and Scott Michael Foster, who plays Kappa Tau party animal slash Rob Thomas look-a-like—Cappie, are actually good friends in real life. The two ridiculously good-looking heartbreakers even choreographed the fight from the flashback episode “Freshman Daze” together on their own. Adorable, huh?


3. Because there’s a spring break episode coming up…and a new guest-star…
– What’s college like without spring break…the one week during the year entirely devoted to drunken debauchery and madness? Smith spilled the beans about this season’s finale. This one’s all about Spring Break. “The episode is called “Spring Broke.” It kind of does shake things up. With this we’re exploring some new relationships and we’re revisiting some old relationships. It’s fun and it’s spring break.” Hmmm….maybe we’ll see Casey and Cappie back together? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

– And, it looks like Calvin will be getting another love interest in the form of Max Greenfield who was on Ugly Betty and Veronica Mars. Meanwhile, it looks like Jen K (Jessica Rose) won’t be back anytime soon. Smith said that there currently are no plans for her return yet after her exclusive breaking story shook the Greek community and shattered Rusty’s poor heart.

2. Because the cast is just too cool for school…
– Despite the messy drama onscreen, this cast actually gets along off-screen. And, they’re hysterical. Everyone hammed it up at the panel consistently poking fun, teasing, and joking with one another throughout. Clark Duke, who plays Rusty’s uber-conservative roommate Dale, took the cake though (someone please give him his own show—oh wait, he already does…online with Juno’s Michael Cera). Anyway clearly, they’ve all been having a good time shooting the show. Amber Stevens, who plays Ashleigh—Casey’s confidante and best friend, confessed, “We hang every weekend. We have a party every week…all the time. We play a lot of rock band at Spencer’s house and Scott’s house.”

1. Because it’s a pretty accurate description of the drama that is college life and fans are embracing it…
– It’s a tasteful portrayal of college life. They don’t just push the envelope for the sake of pushing the envelope….Yes, there is a lot of drinking, partying, and sex amongst the troubled relationships, heartache, sibling bonding, and even questioning of sexuality (one of the characters, Calvin, recently came out of the closet)…but hey—it’s college.

– Smith uncovered, “In the beginning we looked at kind of a backlash. Tridelts were pissed! Ultimately, what’s been nice is that they’ve embraced the show. That they see we’re not making fun of the show and that we want to have fun in the world of the show…It’s the biggest compliment that people in fraternities and sororities are enjoying the show.” And as for funny fan encounters, Jacob Zachar, who plays Rusty Cartwright…Casey’s brother, seemed to have the best ones. He admitted, “I screwed up a few times because they’ll yell ‘Spitter’ and I’ll turn around…thanks for watching…” Poor guy.

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