Watching TV: Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory


Kaley Cuoco is riding high with her hit TV show The Big Bang Theory, and having fun while doing it. She recently took us behind the scenes and showed us what it’s like to work with her hilarious co-stars, but she also let us in on what she’s watching on TV. Watch full episodes of the series on Fancast.

Favorite Shows:

1. Three’s Company: John Ritter, John Ritter, John Ritter
2. Taxi: That got me through Charmed. Actually my mom bought me all the DVD’s to Taxi. I was like I’m never going to watch this. Like this is about a cab? And I love every episode. It was like the best gift she could have given me.
3. I Love Lucy: In fact, there are moments where I feel like I want to be Lucy. Like I love when her eyes go big and I love that she did all that physical comedy. I mean, that’s just hilarious.
4. The Office: I pee in my pants. I was watching on Tivo last night. I was just dying. It can’t be more uncomfortable to watch. I have to watch it alone. Because I’m uncomfortable with what’s going on. If anyone is watching I’m feeling so awkward like this is awful, this is awful.
5. Friends: is to me one of the best shows of our time ever. The greatest cast, the greatest chemistry, they all were hilarious. And I loved her on it. I feel like her character got better and better and better. I mean, that’s a female who is doing fantastic in comedy. I love that, you know.

Best Show She’s Never Seen:

Lock Up on CNBC. That I can’t watch it because I’m terrified, so I have to have somebody watch it with me or I have to watch it during the day, even though they’re locked up. It’s insane. It’s a reality show about prisoners. It’s so screwed up. And I told my mom and she like stared at me like I was crazy. Why were are you watching? It is so interesting to me.

Most Underrated Show:
I Love Lucy. For me. Because being a female, you know, and loving comedy, she really sets the bar. I think of her all the time when I’m doing things. Like I love how – you know what else I love though?

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