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So you saw The Da Vinci Code. Everybody did. You heard about the giant “bloodline conspiracy” to cover up the fact that Jesus survived the crucifixion and fathered children with Mary Magdalene. Of course it’s all horsepuckey, right?

Not so fast. Filmmaker Bruce Burgess embarked on a three year investigation into this supposed cover-up, and his team has uncovered what might prove to be some rather startling evidence held by a group called the Priory of Sion. Namely, artifacts dating back to first century Jerusalem, along with a tomb with a mummified corpse draped in a shroud and bearing a cross. Whether or not this is proof positive that Christianity is a lie remains to be seen, but Burgess’ dangerous attempts to investigate this question looks to make for a compelling documentary, and that’s what we have in Bloodline, releasing this weekend in selected cities.

See it for yourself, and decide just what it is that you believe. You can read Burgess’ director’s statement after the jump.

Watch the trailer for Bloodline.

BLOODLINE is my three-year investigation into what some believe is the greatest cover up of all time: the truth about Jesus of Nazareth and his relationship with Mary Magdalene.

This is not a Biblical history lesson, nor a theological debate. It is my own raw and very personal journey to get closer to the truth about a subject that has profound implications for us all. If it could be proved that the Church had lied about Jesus’ divinity and deliberately twisted the facts, then it would undermine the whole basis of accepted Christianity.

I am not an archaeologist or a historian. I am just a filmmaker who is fascinated by the huge implications of this story, with the same questions that so many of us have about faith versus history. I had spent most of my life investigating stories that people said were either not true or unsolvable and this one was no exception, only the stakes were much higher.

The fact was that I was neither convinced by the Church’s version of events, nor did I buy the whole bloodline conspiracy. The Vatican stated that the idea of a marriage and children was preposterous and had no basis in fact — my own research uncovered more questions about the veracity of the Church’s doctrine rather than answers.

The goal of my producer, René Barnett, and I, was to find the hard evidence that would help prop up the idea of this bloodline and I knew it was a long shot. It was likely that any credible material had either rotted away, been destroyed or had been confiscated by the Vatican. As history has shown, the Church has spent well over a thousand years hiding any evidence that ran counter to its image.

But there were rumors that some evidence had survived and was stored away down through the centuries by a mysterious secret society known as the Priory of Sion.

This is where I started – Paris in 2005.

What we uncovered was as shocking as it was surprising; a tomb, a treasure and a chest of first Century relics from Jerusalem that had been hidden in the south of France by a catholic priest, who opposed Rome at the start of the French Revolution. Its still early days, but they might be the first steps towards a new chapter in our understanding of the real Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their bloodline down through history.

Bruce Burgess, Los Angeles, CA, January 2008

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