Fancast On the Red Carpet: Night of American Idols


The scene at the Nokia theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday night was electric, with the American Idol winner David Cook and his contender, David Archuleta, running amok backstage after their performances. Cook, still shocked from his win, was very candid with reporters, particularly when talking about his thoughts pertaining to Simon Cowell having apologized for being disrespectful to both contestants: “I didn’t really know that the apology was warranted,” said Cook. “I thought what he said was warranted. And at no point did I feel disrespected. But yeah, I’m appreciative of the fact that he decided to apologize. An apology from Simon is a pretty rare gem.”


David Archuleta, on the other hand, was just happy to be on stage, particularly with Cook. He said with a beaming grin, “I’m glad he apologized. I’m not sure anyone realized how much work we put into this, we just want to be able to share what we do with everyone.” He then went on to talk about his admiration for David Cook, whom he called his big brother. “He’s just such a great, humble down to earth guy. I just feel like, I can’t believe I’m standing next to him. I feel honored. That’s what I told him. I can’t believe that you’ve decided for me of all people to be even standing next to him. I feel so honored.” What are Archuleta’s plans for the future?
“Right now I just hope to see what happens. I [laughing] really wanna make an album and see what happens. If that doesn’t go as far as I hope, I still wanna complete an education. School’s really important. People can have years performing and touring but you have to go back to something afterwards. So you always have to be prepared.”

It was a bittersweet night for Archuleta, who came out in second place, but also for Jordin Sparks, who said that what she wore on this night honored her mother’s best friend, who had lost her battle with cancer earlier in the day. “My mom’s best friend, she was like a second mother to me. She had Lymphoma, we found out she had it in February. These are her favorite colors,” she said, pointing to the three orange bracelets on her arm and her purple streaks in her hair. “Just representing her as best as I can.”


There was one highlight of the night that both Archuleta and 6th season Idol contestant Chris Slight shared as their most memorable moment: the Bryan Adams performance, with Archuleta saying “ Oh! That was really cool. I sang his songs during Hollywood. He was such a nice guy, I couldn’t believe how normal he was, it was neat.” And Slight, adding backstage at the KIIS FM American Idol afterparty, “I’m a huge Bryan Adams fan, so I loved the Bryan Adams thing. I love his new record, I think it’s amazing.” Slight’s second-favorite performance was of a fellow 6th season contender; “I thought Jordin did really well. I thought the dress was hideous but she sang better than I’ve ever heard her sing,” before agreeing that the skit featuring Robert Downey Jr., Ben Stiller and Jack Black as the Pips was unbeatable. “That was amazing.” He said.

Backstage, Jordin may have agreed with him about her dress decision, because she looked down and said “I look like I’m an award,” referring to the gold ensemble she had worn for the night. “But,” she added, “the dress is Prada.”


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