Watching TV: Kristi Yamaguchi


Kristi Yamaguchi kicked butt on the finale of Dancing With the Stars, obtaining the highest possible score as she battled against Cristian De La Fuente and Jason Taylor. Now that the show’s over, she will probably jump right back to a life with her family and logging hours with her charity, the Always Dream Foundation, where she is currently building a playground in her hometown of Fremont, CA. She will also get to catch up on all that TV that she missed during the show. She talked to us about what she likes on the tube.
Watch a Dancing With the Stars finale recap on Fancast.

Favorites of all time:
1. Ally McBeal –I just really loved the fun quirkyness of this show
2. ER – Its been on for so many years yet every season the acting and storylines are compelling!
3. Grey’s Anatomy–It is such a wonderful all around great show. What a terrific blend of drama and comedic moments.
4. Law & Order SVU – Two of my favorite actors star on this show.
5. 24 – great suspense and action

Best show she’s never seen:
I’ve never seen Lost. The storylines seem so scary and ominous and I do not like scary things!

Best TV show ever:
Dancing with the Stars! It’s a reality show but with drama, glamour and entertainment. The whole family can watch!


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