Fancast Interview: Army Wives’ Brigid Brannagh


Army Wives is full of intrigue, passion and men in army uniforms (!), as it follows a group of army wives living on a US Army Base and supporting their men at war. The season begins again this Sunday, June 8, on Lifetime, and who knows what the new episodes will bring? Brigid Brannagh, who plays Pamela Moran on the show, talked to Fancast about what it’s like to portray this very special type of wife, what real life army wives think of the show and what fans can expect from the new season.

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Do you think a large part of your audience is made up of army families?
Oh yes, absolutely. From what I’ve heard a lot of the husbands are actually watching it to see what they’re wives lives are like.

What kind of feedback do you get from them?
Last year we got a lot of flack. Although they were very happy with the emotional content in the way we’re portraying it, I think they seemed to like the show enough last year that this year they’re starting to help us. They’re giving us whatever access we need so we can do stuff as accurate as possible.

Are there any plot events that were inspired by real life events?
Yes definitely. There’s a little boy asking an older woman on a date. It was a real-life moment…how kids are funny. There’s definitely a lot of true life things that I think go on.

What juicy events can we expect this season?
For my part, there’s a lot of stuff with the ongoing thing with my husband being gone and my family being split apart. Last year, my husband becomes Delta Force and that’s a whole different thing because there’s a lot of secrecy. There’s no communication while he’s gone which is different than if your soldier’s gone for fifteen months which is obviously a huge amount of time…but you know where he is. There’s a lot of different frustrations—trying to recover—going on with the not know. It’s also dealing with getting older and getting upset. It’s hard to deal with I think. It’s something that those families deal with a lot…

Can you relate to Pamela in any way?
Absolutely. I definitely think that Pamela is a person of conviction, which I would definitely say that I am. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, I think she’s very connected to her gut…and what’s right and wrong. She’s the kind of person who would stand alone because alone is what’s right for her. I definitely think that I’m that kind of person. I also differ from her because I cannot resist buying all these cooking things and I love to entertain and cook. Pamela’s a mess; she’s not into cooking or entertaining. She’s a lot more tom-boy…but at the same time still earthy. I can get all dressed up at times and still go move furniture.

Do you think you would ever be able to be an army wife?
No I think it would kill me. Right now my husband is in LA and his business is there. He’s coming out maybe once a month. She does it with bravery and a common sense of handling things that I almost can’t fathom. Army couples are so sentimental and don’t really hide their emotions…they’re very pragmatic and can be very matter of fact about things. I don’t think I could…I really don’t.

Where do you guys shoot the series?
We shoot in South Carolina.

Do you have a guilty pleasure reality TV show you’re watching now?
Brian McNamara, my friend and fellow actor, we’re big foodies…we’re actually going to have a Top Chef marathon. That’s pretty much the only reality show I watch. I’m all about the cooking shows. Food Network is always on in the background—it’s the music of my life.

What else are you watching on TV?
I’m a big nerd—I’m totally an old lady. I watch murder mysteries. I’m a huge Agatha Christie freak and Albert Hitchcock. I love Monk—Tony Shaloub is a genius. I like Law & Order. I like House. I do a Mystery Diagnosis sometimes…it’s on the Discovery Channel. I’m addicted to it.

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