Fancast Party Patrol: Audrina Patridge, Emile Hirsch, Mischa Barton at Nylon/MySpace Party

Nicky Hilton MySpace Nylon Party Audrina Patridge

Cool young Hollywood stars like Nicky Hilton and Emile Hirsch turned up at the Nylon Magazine and MySpace School of Rock party last night to celebrate Nylon’s music issue. Inside, the party was bumpin’, with celebs playing the video game Rock Band and catching the tunes of Nylon darling, The Like.

Actors from both the TV and film spectrum were out in full force: Audrina Patridge, who didn’t talk to too many reporters on the red carpet, went straight inside. We later caught her watching her scruffy companion (or was it her boyfriend?) getting a cut and a style at the hair salon booth. Emile Hirsch also strolled inside, hung out with friends and talked to the ladies, while Nicky Hilton seemed to like the fashion displays, but she was sans her sister, who had been scheduled to attend. Word on the street was that Mischa Barton was there with her rocker boyfriend, Taylor Locke, but she was hard to catch.

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Omarosa Nylon MySpace Party

At the party we chatted with Omarosa, who let us in on her new book, “The Bitch Switch,” out on Phoenix Books. “Every woman has a light switch,” She explained. “Some women who have been doormats all their lives, their switch is never on. Some women who are just maniacs, their switch is on all the time. So I teach women to empower themselves to be bold, to be strong and courageous.” When asked who her ideal empowered woman was, she said, “Hillary Clinton. When she’s with her family, the switch is off. When she’s out there for the Democratic nomination, it is on!” What’s she watching on TV? “I love The Real World: Hollywood, only because they’re in Hollywood. I always love Hell’s Kitchen and I have a crush on Gordon Ramsay!”
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Emile Hirsch MySpace Nylon Party

ER’s Shane West was also in attendance and talked to us about his current projects, particularly his new stint as a rockstar in the iconic band The Germs. You see, Shane played the lead singer of the band, now deceased, in the film “What We Do Is Secret” and he apparently did so well that the original band members asked him to join the group. He is just now getting ready to play the Warped Tour and local Los Angeles music festival, Sunset Junction. But he’s still got plenty film projects coming up.

“I also did three films in the fall: the Stone House, The Gift and The Lodger, which are coming out.” Did he watch the finale of ER? “No, but I’m supposed to have lunch with those guys. We’ll see what happens, but I’m done with television for a little bit. Giving film a try.”
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