Dancing With Your DVR: What To Watch Tonight


Meerkat Manor: (Animal Planet, 9 PM) The fallout following Flower’s death resulted in a major power struggle between sisters Rocket Dog and Maybelline, and now both are struggling for domination of the Whiskers clan in tonight’s premiere.

Battlestar Galactica: (Sci Fi, 10 PM) Cylons and Vipers working together? This is worse than a Charlie Sheen Denise Richards reconciliation!


Army Wives: (Lifetime, Sun., 10 PM) Last season left off with a cliffhanger, and this season premiere will answer some of those dangling questions, however devastating they may be.

When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions: (Discovery, Sun., 9 PM) In celebration of NASA’s 50th anniversary, The Discovery Channel is launching this beautiful 6-part series focusing on the history of mankind’s journey into space, replete with stunning never-before-seen NASA archival footage.

Ice Road Truckers: (History, Sun., 9 PM) They’re on the road again, if you consider the thick sheet of ice covering the arctic circle “road.”

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