Fancast Exclusive: The Cast Of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Talks Season 4

By Julie Zied
Fancast Editor


The abnormally talented and unexpectedly down-to-earth cast of FX’s offbeat comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was in an overcast Philly yesterday shooting scenes for the show’s upcoming fourth season with director Fred Savage, and Fancast got the dirt on what to expect, or, as Glenn Howerton, who plays extreme narcissist Dennis Reynolds, put it: “There are a lot of surprises this season, and a lot of crazy s**t happens.” Like what you say?

Night Man Rock Opera?
Howerton and Charlie Day (Charlie Kelly) confirmed that their shiny glam rock outfit “Electric Dream Machine” will return for an episode focused around a musical titled “The Night Man Cometh,” or “How the Day Man Began to Compete for the Championship of the Sun,” which according to Day will be “a little bit like The Who’s Tommy with a touch of Sondheim.” [Watch the episode where Day Man originated Sweet Dee Dates A Retarded Person]

Green Man!
Charlie will once again don the day-glo bodysuit from The Gang Gets Invincible, although this time he won’t be tripping on acid. Does Day ever use a body double? “No, it’s just me, but I do feel a little exposed…I wear a protective cup so there are no amorphous shapes.”


The Mortgage Crisis & Extreme Makeover Home Edition
“We’re gonna take advantage of people whose homes are foreclosing on them, and tackle some more topical issues,” said Day. As for Extreme Makeover, Howerton said Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson) reads The Secret, and the gang decides that in order to make their own dreams come true, they need to make over the life of a family in need. Will there be a “move that bus moment?” Said Howerton “Oh yeah! You know we’re gonna move that bus!”

Back In The Day: 1776
In an effort to bring more money into the bar, the gang goes down to the Historical Society to explain the “important role” that Paddy’s played in the Revolutionary War. The episode then shifts to a flashback of the cast as “their ancestors,” in full stocking and powdered-wig regalia, answering the age-old question as to how the Liberty Bell was cracked. Howerton joked “It’s pretty funny and it’s pretty ballsy, we’re gonna answer this question, people won’t know what to do! It’ll be mayhem on the streets! The riot police are going to have to come out.”


The Return of Rickety Cricket
The hapless former man of the cloth is coming back and he’ll be lower than ever. Didn’t he already hit rock bottom? According to Kaitlin Olson, Cricket will “bounce back and forth between top and bottom.” Also returning is the object of Charlie’s unrequited love: The Waitress, played by Day’s real-life wife Mary Elizabeth Ellis Day. And be on the lookout for a possible appearance by Carmen, Mac’s one-time transsexual lover, played by Brittany Daniel.

One Word: Sinbad
Yes the 6’5″ Jingle All The Way and Cuttin Da Mustard star will be making an appearance as an “unruly patient” at a hospital. A mental hospital, perhaps? No no, a rehab center!

Check out full free episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on Fancast, and stay tuned for more interviews from the cast.

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