News: Real Housewives of the OC vs. Real Housewives of NYC!


The Housewives of Orange County have a bone to pick with the Housewives of NYC, and they were very vocal in their criticism on the red carpet of Bravo’s A List Awards.
“I have the hot Simon; she has the gay Simon. Eww – he’s so creepy!” Said Tamra Barney about her NYC counterpart Alex McCord, who shares a hubby with the same first name. “I hope their boyfriends are hotter than their husbands!” added Jeana Keough. The icing on the cake went to Lauri Waring, who called the NYC wives out on their diva-like behavior at a recent gifting suite. “Honey, we don’t have to beg. We have the money to buy…Isn’t that kind of the point?” [Rush & Molloy]

Whose side are you on?
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