Fancast Interview: Michelle Trachtenberg


Now that you’ve witnessed Michelle Trachtenberg’s dark turn as the loathsome Georgina Sparks on this season’s Gossip Girl, get ready for something a little more likable, when she star’s in Sunday night’s ABC Family movie The Circuit. Trachtenberg plays Kylie Shines, the daughter of a famous race car driver looking to make it to the big time in racing herself. And what of Trachtenberg’s own speeding history? “Me??! I’ve never been caught doing anything like that!” She joked in an interview with Fancast. “Well…OK, there may have been a time when I was going 70 mph in a 35 zone, maaaybe! Sorry mom!” And what was the biggest difference between shooting this movie and GG? “The clothes! I shot The Circuit before Gossip Girl and I was so tired of wearing this jumpsuit and plain clothes all the time, then I went to Gossip Girl and was like ‘whoa!'”

The Circuit airs on ABC Family tonight at 8 PM.

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