Fancast Interview: Antonio Sabato Jr. On Celebrity Circus


Antonio Sabato Jr. is flying high on the trapeze and the silk rope on Celebrity Circus, and on an upcoming episode he will keep everyone on the edge of their seats when he tries the very dangerous Chinese Pole.

Antonio is also flying high in his own personal life, with an upcoming movie, Mysterious, which he says is “kind of a Basic Instinct movie,” a film for Sci-Fi and of course being Dante Damiano on The Bold and the Beautiful. His restaurant chain Prego (in Beverly Hills, Anaheim and Santa Monica) has also been keeping him super busy; that is, up until the hectic practice schedule of ‘Circus’ began. We caught up to him during practice at Celebrity Circus, where he told us he’d love to one day be on Dancing With the Stars and that he’s actually quite a daredevil in his own life.

Tell me what stunts you’ve done in real life.

I’ve been driving race cars professionally for a while, 200 mph types of things. Skydiving, I love to do that. Also deep sea fishing and scuba diving in great barrier reefs around sharks and things like that. And this would add up pretty good to everything else.

What was the toughest moment you’ve had so far in this experience?

Letting go of the trapeze with no harness and falling into the net. Letting go of the bar and getting caught by someone was pretty scary. Even the silk is pretty scary and tough since you have to wrap it a certain way, and it hurts your wrists as you can see by the way mine are wrapped up now. Everything has its moments really.

How would this stack up to everything else?
Pretty high, considering the fact that we don’t have gymnastic or circus backgrounds. Physically and psychologically it’s tough for everyone to accomplish one routine, and then to accomplish four. I picked pretty hard ones, like the trapeze, and I’m the only one doing that. That is those Chinese poles right there. I climb and I jump from one to the next with no harness. I’m going to be going back up there and going from audience to audience. That’s going to be crazy. And then I have the hand balancing with Christine which is where I pick her up and do a whole bunch of stuff in a cube elevated from the ground. So everything that I’m doing is extraordinary.

How did you pick these different stunts?

We showed up at the facility we were at and worked one by one to see which one was right for us. I felt that the apparatuses were very challenging and I had a connection with them so I wanted to do them. Especially the Chinese Pole, which is the hardest physically to do. I have to do the flag and certain things that are hard. It took me weeks and weeks to learn one of those little pieces that goes with the routine.

Is that how you got that injury on your wrist?

Well I’ve broken this wrist years ago and because I have to use my wrists and have to use my shoulders in everything that I do. After eight weeks its just I want to protect it since it started hurting a little bit more last week and I don’t want to get hurt any more.

What are you most afraid of?
Just not accomplishing things. Here you work so hard on a daily basis and give a hundred percent for eight weeks. And then after the weeks you just want to get it done and do it right from beginning to end. What I’m afraid of is missing a beat or not accomplishing a routine because their so hard. I just want to be able to finish all of them.

Would you ever do a show like Dancing With the Stars?

Yeah, I love dancing and I’d love to learn how to dance like that.

What’s a guilty pleasure TV show you love?
Miami vice. I like the look of the show, like the way they were dressing. It’s a little bit cheesy now but back then it worked.

If there was a remake of Miami Vice, would you want to be involved
Oh, of course! I love everything about the show.

I can totally see you in a remake! You’d be perfect

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