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The Dancing With the Stars sweetheart, Marlee Matlin, has announced she is working on her memoir, tentatively (and creatively!) titled “I’ll Scream Later.” It is scheduled to be released in 2009. Through a press release from her book publisher, Matlin states that she will delve into “unresolved issues and battles with addiction and abuse, many of which she kept hidden from the public and her family.” [Yahoo! News]

What other star in Hollywood do we expect to pull off a memoir at that very interesting time their career when they are having a second shot at fame? Fancast takes a look at 4 currently hot actors and what the content and titles of their future books might be:

BLake Lively

1. Blake Lively:“Gossip Cougar.” The GG actress will analyze her very public marriage, and later divorce, from Penn Badgley. Also her tumultuous second marriage to much younger (and hotter!) Maddox Pitt-Jolie, with an age difference that stirred up so much controversy that it nearly cost her that starring role in the 7th follow up to ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,’–‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Mom Jeans.’


2. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “My View From The Left. The Far Left.” This former The View talking head will detail her fall from the conservative right following her highly publicized affair with Pete Wentz, after which she grew her hair long, became a vegan, organized anti-war protests, and joined the Animal Liberation Front.


3. Gina Gershon: “If I Did It.” The book will describe a hypothetical situation in which she outlines her affair Bill Clinton. Had she actually had an affair with Bill Clinton. But she didn’t. Really, she didn’t. She swears. The book will coincide with her third play and CD. Coincidence?


4. Tori Spelling: “Yes. This is My Fourteenth Book. I Need The Money.” Tori will go on to author her 14th book, this time about her 27th reality show, where she opens up a bed and breakfast. In Kabul, Afghanistan.

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