Dr. Drew Meant No Harm to Tom Cruise

Celebrity Rehab Dr. Drew

Celebrity Rehab’s Dr. Drew Pinsky is probably firmly implanting his foot in his mouth right now, after the comments he made about about Tom Cruise for Playboy Magazine generated an angry response from Cruise’s lawyer, Bert Field. The lawyer shot back that the doctor is a “posturing flake” who “pretends to diagnose people he’s never met.” This was after Dr. Dru commented that the actor’s Scientology beliefs might be due to childhood neglect.

The Dru Pinsky reps went into apology overgear, releasing a statement that read: “Although Mr. Fields’s intent is clearly to slander and discredit Dr. Drew, under no circumstances is Dr. Drew making a blanket diagnosis about Scientology nor Mr. Cruise whom he does not know. Dr. Drew was simply using Mr. Cruise as an example of someone who is recognizable to help the public understand. Again, Dr. Drew meant him no harm.” [People]

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