Amy Winehouse & Top 5 Celebrity Hospital Scares


AP is reporting today that Amy Winehouse has been hospitalized after a major fainting spell at her home in London. “She quickly recovered and her father, Mitch, took her to hospital as a precaution,” said a spokesperson. No word yet as to whether this has anything to do with her legendary drug problems and previous stint in rehab. [Yahoo! News]

Amy Winehouse is following in the footsteps of many major celebrities who have had suspicious ‘fainting spells’ followed by a hospital visit. After the jump, Fancast counts the 5 most dubious celebrity hospitalizations and the purported real reasons behind the visits:

1. Lindsay Lohan: One, two, how many times did she go into the hospital? Her visit on May 30 of this year involved ‘breathing trouble’ but she’s also cited a ‘wrist fracture,’ ‘dedydration’ and an ‘asthma attack’ in the past. That, and of course ‘severe trauma after watching her film I Know Who Killed Me.’ We get it, Lindsay, you like hospitals.


2. Kid Rock: Over the weekend, the singer was hospitalized for ‘dehydration’. You mean a diet consisting of beer bongs, full bottles of Jack Daniels, and country fried steak isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be?

Kate Hudson with Owen Wilson

3. Owen Wilson: Owen was hospitalized in 2007, and it was soon revealed that it was due to an unfortunate suicide attempt, one that magazines reported was influenced by his breakup with Kate Hudson. Now that Hudson is with canoodling with Lance Armstrong, what should his current therapy sessions look like? Consisting of lots and lots of dates with Victoria’s Secret models, in rapid succession.

4. Britney Spears: Her hospitalization in January of this year set off a chaotic paparazzi scene that forced Los Angeles city officials to consider stricter regulations for a police presence during celebrity emergencies. LA City officials should consider stricter regulations for police presence anywhere and everywhere a celebrity is present. Period.


5. Steven Tyler: After he was hospitalized, rumors circulated that he had gone back on the alcohol bandwagon, after decades of sobriety. Days later, his publicist clarified that Tyler had been hospitalized due to foot surgery.

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