New on DVD: Fool’s Gold, Be Kind Rewind

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in Fool's Gold

Fool’s Gold [watch the trailer]
Matthew McConaughey is Ben, an obsessive treasure hunter that isn’t good at much else. Kate Hudson is Tess, his wife and happy beneficiary of the other thing that Ben is good at doing. That is, until they go broke hunting the Queen’s Dowry and she wants to call off the search and start life over, while Ben strives to continue the quest. When Tess works on a yacht for billionaire Nigel Honeycutt (Donald Sutherland), and then Ben convinces Nigel to help him hunt for the booty, a sexy romp begins as Ben and Tess rekindle their passion.

Ben and Tess argue over the boat.
Tess freaks out over dinner.

Be Kind Rewind [watch an interview with Jack Black]
Michel Gondry directs this affectionate tale about an old VHS rental shop in a poor section of New Jersey that Mos Def works for and Danny Glover owns and Jack Black haunts. After a freak accident in which all of the VHS tapes are magnetized and erased, Mos and Jables start making their own versions of popular movies like Rush Hour and Robocop, and they become the sensations of the whole town.

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins [watch the trailer]
Martin Lawrence plays a self-help show host dating a reality TV star, way out of touch. When he returns home to Georgia for his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, his family doesn’t treat him like a big-time star – they treat him like the kid they all knew and mocked.

Rails and Ties [watch the trailer</a
Kevin Bacon is Tom, a train engineer who accidentally kills a woman parked on his tracks, and the victim’s son Davey (Miles Heizer) struggles to find an outlet for his anger and guilt, and when he barges into Tom’s life with his terminally ill wife Megan (Marcia Gay Harden), what starts as dark emotional turmoil may just open some doors to understanding and healing.

Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna) [watch the trailer]
Read the review here.

Caramel [watch the trailer]
Following the lives of four women who work in a beauty salon in Beirut, the problems of temptation, infidelity, homosexuality, aging and the pursuit of happiness are discussed and dealt with, illustrating that contemporary women are contemporary women everywhere.

Chaos Theory [watch the trailer]
Ryan Reynolds plays against type as Frank, an obsessively organized man whose life is thrown into disarray when his wife Susan (Emily Mortimer) sets his clocks backwards to make him late for everything. The chain of events that unravel his meticulous daily schedules forces him to become more spontaneous, a concept he never believed in.

Frank discovers Susan’s clock trickery.
Frank vents about Susan’s trickery in a bar.
Frank’s paternity test.

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