Andrew Dice Clay on KTLA, and Top 5 Offensive Actor/Comedians Of All Time


An aging Andrew Dice Clay visited local morning show KTLA show this morning to promote his upcoming comedy tour. Although many of you are too young to remember his shtick, his act consisted of raunchy banter that was at times qualified as offensive. This morning, his act was not only offensive to the cast but also dated and boring, as he managed to pull a racist joke out of thin air and was quickly cut off and taken off the air. It just goes to show how long we’ve come since the days of unfettered verbal attacks in the name of comedy. The early 90’s called, Andrew. It wants its shtick back. And also its jacket.

The morning show later posted an apology for the appearance on their blog, stating, “The blessing and the burden of a live show is that anything can happen, and occasionally it does. Andrew Dice Clay was here a few minutes, we booked him, and it’s our responsibility because we put him on our air. We didn’t imagine that he would tell a joke that was really offensive. He did, and we want to apologize for that.”

Many of today’s superstars began as offensive comedians, but unlike the dice, they successfully transitioned from offensive shtick to family-friendly comedy, garnering them ultimate financial success. Fancast looks at the top 5 after the jump.

1. Robin Williams: His early days in the comedy circuit involved curses and dirty jokes. He has since become a respected actor whose name is synonymous with blockbuster comedies and dramas, with films like Dead Poet’s Society, Good Will Hunting and August Rush.

2. Tim Allen: His rough-and-tumble past was all but forgotten when he joined the cast of the family show Home Improvement and shot to stardom. His resume now includes the Christmas favorite Santa Clause, as well as Shaggy Dog and Wild Hogs.

3. Eddie Murphy: Eddie got his big break as a young man on SNL, but he grew up to become the famous family man of The Haunted Mansion, Beverly Hills Cop, Norbit and Daddy Day Care.

4. Martin Lawrence This is a man who made the term ‘wassssup’ the 90’s term du jour, during his stint as a you-so-crazy comedian. But his comedy wasn’t ready for prime time until the 1990’s, with the show Martin. His foray into films was even more family-frendly, with College Road Trip, Welcome Home Roscoe Jennings and Momma’s House.

5. Chris Rock: This skinny comedian’s trajectory also began on SNL, although he has reportedly stated that this was not his best work. His stand-up routine is famous for bordering on offensive, but he found his niche with films like Nurse Betty, Dogma, Head of State, and the current Don’t Mess With the Zohan.

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