Maria Menounos on Puppy Pounds and Green Celebrities


Maria Menounos has a new show called Hollywood Green With Maria Menounos on the new Planet Green channel, where she interviews celebs about their eco-conscious lifestyle. She’s doing this gig in addition to her multiple hosting duties, which include Nightly News, Access Hollywood and the Today Show.

What’s Maria doing in her down time? Rescuing puppies! Maria chatted with Fancast at the Dogs in Danger Celebrity Fundraiser event on Saturday, as she held her own puppy (an adorable rescue) in her purse. Her other rescue, Apollo, hung out nearby. “I’m friends with [the host] and any dog related event I’ll always make it,” she said. “I love my animals and I think it’s a really important message to get to people that we need to stop adopting and start protesting these pet stores. I know they look adorable in the window but they are coming from horrific conditions. We are contributing to a cycle that is really horrible.”

I asked her if she found time to have any hobbies in the midst of all of her projects. She joked, “Just work! And playing with my dogs,” she said, pointing to her two dogs in attendance. “I’m on planes so I’ve been watching a lot of Chuck, How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. Right now I’m a huge Celtics fan so I’m very happy!”

Any reality shows that are on her mind right now? “I think my favorite one is Rock of Love and I Love New York. I don’t want to be in them but I’d just like to be there watching it live. But then I don’t wanna see all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes! But, yeah I’m obsessed with the show!”

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