Video: Nicolas Cage in “Bangkok Dangerous”

Bangkok Dangerous

In the grand tradition of The Departed and its Americanning of Infernal Affairs, Nicolas Cage is taking the Thai assassination tale Bangkok Dangerous and letting the Yanks in on the action. But the kicker is that the original writer/directors, Oxide and Danny Pang, are at the helm of this recreation of their own work, so any loss in quality should be minimized. It might even be improved.

Cage stars as Joe, an assassin who isn’t entirely satisfied with the life of a professional killer, who gets too personal and winds up on the run from some angry bad men in Bangkok. Cue the stylized violence and roll with the manhunt.

Watch the trailer for Bangkok Dangerous, starring NIcolas Cage.
Watch this clip of a brutal gondola gunfight.
Watch the trailer for the original Thailand version of Bangkok Dangerous.

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