The Hills, Project Runway, ANTM and Beyond! It’s All About Free Fashion TV On Fancast

Ann Murray

Project Runway is hitting the tubes with new episodes July 16th, and no one is more ready than Fancast, where we still can’t get that marvelous impression of PR winner Christian Siriano by the rubber-faced Amy Pohler on SNL, out of our heads (watch it in all its fierce tranny goodness here!).

Project Runway started a chain reaction of TV-Fashion collaborations and we are still feeling the effects of it today. Fancast looks at the top 5 television shows that have fiercely gone where, uh, every other TV show has gone before: Into the world of fashion!

The Hills: With Whitney getting an internship at fashion PR big house, The People’s Revolution, and Lauren going to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing) it’s no wonder the show is moving in that direction, and all the ladies of the show have launched their own fashion or jewelry line. I’m waiting for Spencer Pratt’s collaboration with American Apparel, with a line consisting of shirts that say “I’m With Stupid,” finger pointing to the vapid, gaping starlet walking next to you.

Heidi Montag

America’s Next Top Model: The mother of all fashion shows. This one knows how to walk the runway and knows how to work your TV screen. It is also one that encouraged Tyra Banks to encroach into Oprah’s talk-show territory. And then there’s the model who shaved her head! (watch the clip here!) Let’s hope this doesn’t set off any Britney-like fashion trend. The new season begins September 3.

The Agency: Models, fashion week, panic disorders, oh my! You think Tyra is fierce? Get a load of the agents at Wilhelmina Modeling Agency and see if you dare eat that second slice of cake before you try on those pants. Check out fashion week through the eyes of a scout on Fancast.

The Fashion Team: Watch as guest stars from Project Runway diss’ and hate on other star’s fashion sense, claws fully extended. Me-ooow! Check out fashion from the film Get Smart on Fancast.

Lipstick Jungle: This show wasn’t about fashion but focused on three powerful ladies, one of which (Victory Ford) was an up-and-coming fashion designer. Kick up your Gucci heels and watch the pilot, right here on Fancast.


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