Dr. Drew on Angelina Jolie: Is She On Something?

by | June 25, 2008 at 9:05 AM | General


Dr. Drew Pinsky, head of Celebrity Rehab, had a lot to say about Tom Cruise (and had to apologize for it!) and now he’s turning his thoughts to Angelina Jolie, whom he says may or may not be in remission from her past drug abuse.

He says in the July issue of Playboy: “I’m concerned with what’s really going on with Angelina Jolie. I’ve never seen someone remit heroin completely. You’re either still on heroin, Oxycontin or something else. Unless you’re dead. Is she still using something? Is she in recovery? If she’s in recovery, I don’t see any evidence of it, because people in recovery invest themselves in simple, selfless acts of service, not global self-serving acts.” So, let me get this straight, he thinks she’s still using something because she’s doing random acts of kindness throughout the world as opposed to only in her home? [LAT]

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