Want To Be On American Idol? Here’s Where To Audition

By Jen Smith


Move over, Ricky Martin! American Idol is bringing back the Latin pop craze of the late ‘90s when they bring auditions for season eight to Puerto Rico. As an obsessive AI fan, I’m kind of curious as to why the producers decided to add this particular city to their repertoire. I’m sure there are talented people in Puerto Rico… I’m not denying that. But my spidey sense is telling me that this particular audition round will be full of a bunch of William Hung wanna-bes. Regardless, it should be fun. The San Juan auditions will be held August 2 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

The producers also thought it would be a great idea to honor winner David Cook and finalist David Archuleta by hitting up their respective hometowns of Kansas City and Salt Lake City. What, did they think there was something in the water? Apparently the mayors are putting talent juice in everyone’s plastic cups at Town Hall. They were lucky to find the Davids in the first place… I highly doubt returning to their hometowns are going to bring the next recording star out of the woodwork.

Oddly, they’re skipping some major cities this year. They’re replacing New York with New Jersey, Los Angeles with San Francisco, and Atlanta with Louisville. Now if only we could replace Fantasia, Ruben, and Taylor Hicks with… well, anyone. I guess it doesn’t matter where the auditions are, just who shows up. Let’s hope we get some good talent this year. Quick note to potential auditioners: if you’re the next Sanjaya, Kady Malloy, or Amanda Overmeyer… please, PLEASE, just stay home.

To attend the madness yourself:

San Francisco, CA: Thursday, July 17, Cow Palace
Louisville, KY: Monday, July 21, Freedom Hall
Pheonix, AZ: Friday, July 25, Jobing.com Arena
Salt Lake City, UT: Tuesday, July 29, EnergySolutions Arena
San Juan, Puerto Rico: Saturday, Aug. 2, Coliseo de Puerto Rico
Kansas City, MO: Friday, Aug. 8, Sprint Center
Jacksonville, FL: Wednesday, Aug. 13, Veterans Memorial Arena
East Rutherford, NJ: Tuesday, Aug. 19, IZOD Center

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