Watching TV: Antonio Sabato Jr.


Antonio Sabato Jr. has had quite a career in TV. What are his favorite projects? One immediately comes to his mind and he lights up: “General Hospital was something really fun when I did that fourteen years ago,” he said, “and it helped my career a lot in so many ways. It had a lot of people that I really enjoyed working with as well.” What TV shows is he watching when he’s home from Celebrity Circus, nursing his sprained wrist?

All-Time Favorites:
1. Lost: Lost because it’s different and it’s like a movie. It’s got its own story every time and it keeps you on the edge of your seat every episode. It’s also very well written, one of the best ones on TV, and the acting is amazing
2. 24: Another show I always have to watch. [Watch full episodes right here]
3. The Sopranos: up until it was canceled [Watch clips and interviews]
4. Ultimate Fighter on the Spike Channel: which is a reality show about fighters living in one house and competing to be the ultimate fighter. I love that a lot because it’s entertaining. [Meet some of the fighters on Fancast videos]
5. 20/20: the news, stuff like that.

Best Series Never Seen:
Lost: well, this is one I haven’t been able to watch lately. I think I have about eight episodes TiVO’d. And it’s a hard show to catch up to, so whenever I’m free I’m going to sit down and watch the whole series.

Most Underrated:
Miami vice. I like the look of the show, like the way they were dressing. It’s a little bit cheesy now but back then it worked. [Luckily for Antonio, we’ve got full episodes of Miami Vice on Fancast!]

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