Jena Malone’s ‘Shoe’ Performs In NYC This Weekend

Between acclaimed acting gigs in Into the Wild, Saved!, and Donnie Darko, indie goddess Jena Malone has taken on a new role — rock chick. This friend of Fancast leads a new band named Shoe, and she tells us they’ll be playing a super secret show in NYC on June 27, 28th and 29th (well, not so secret anymore!). Hey, just for fun, Fancast is giving away a few copies of the band’s new CD, At Lem Jay’s Garage – and Jena signed ’em.

You probably have two questions. 1) How do you get one of these signed CDs? (Answer: Write in and ask for it. We only have three or four copies, so do it fast.) 2) How do you get to Jena’s gig? (Answer: You have to follow the special directions she has personally created leading to each event, which you’ll find after the jump.)

Shoe info:The band consists of Jena (vocals) and Lem Jay Ignacio (piano) and published her album under their own label, There was an Old Woman Records. You can buy the album here. Check out their MySpace page HERE.

Jena’s Latest Movies:

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JUNE 27, 28 , 29

: the caress!! the call!! lovers in central park will walk hand in hand while The Shoe sings out in remembrance. Come to the gazebo at the southern end of central park, close to the pond. Hopefully the wind will carry if you get lost! THE SHOE PERFORMS @ 7:30PM

SATURDAY. JUNE 28: our patron saint jack offers his abode. an interior space of love and paint and heart spells!! brown bag your bottles!! this is an inside/out show. come to jack’s bar at 85 south 6th street on the corner of barry street. THE SHOE PERFORMS at 7:30pm

: Todd P’s acoustic BBQ on roosevelt island. this is a NEW KIND of show for the shoe. fellow musicians coming together to play for the wind! how wonderful!! bring your own rabbits and stews and ribs and lemonade. On the southern tip of roosevelt island. enter on the corner of main st and road 3. come for fellowship and watching manhattan set itself on fire by the sun!! THE SHOE PERFORMS @ 5:30-ish. don’t be scared of this island there are many trams and cars and horses that come here everyday!!



(aka jena and lem jay)


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