Review: Wall-E


By Andy Hunsaker
Fancast Movies

Wall-E is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

A little robot, bearing more than a little resemblance to Number Five from Short Circuit and sounding not unlike E.T., left alone on the wasted planet Earth, tasked with compacting the trash left behind. Over the long and laborious time, he develops a curious personality about all the junk he deals with, as well as a sense of loneliness when watching an old musical where two characters fall in love. When the sleek, streamlined and fancy robot named EVE suddenly arrives, Wall-E is completely taken with her and tries to get her attention, even hitching a ride on a spaceship and leaving his thankless job behind.

It’s Pixar, and all the standard superlatives apply – it’s fun, it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s clever, it’s adorable and it’s touching. This is becoming so commonplace in Pixar movies that they almost don’t need to be reviewed. The fact that they managed all this with such a paucity of dialog from the lead characters is just an astounding feat. It’s all body language and facial expressions from robots who barely have faces at all. It’s fairly amazing.

So far, it’s the best reviewed movie of the year at Rotten Tomatoes. You shouldn’t need me to tell you to go see it, but in case you do, c’mon. You go see Pixar movies when they gift you with them. If you need more proof, watch all these cool clips we have here on Fancast.

Wall-E and the Hula Hoop.
Wall-E and the Headphones.
Wall-E and the Magnet.
Wall-E and the Vacuum Cleaner.

Behind the Scenes:
Get to know Eve and the rest of the robots as well.
Go behind the scenes to see all of the crazy robots.
The creators of Wall-E show us how they came up with the unique sonic experience.
Watch an interview with Andrew Stanton, director of Wall-E.

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