Joey Fatone on Celebrity Circus and Hosting the Emmys This Year

Joey Fatone

Joey Fatone is the host of everything right now! He’s currently doing double duty as the host of Celebrity Circus and The Singing Office and he also broke the news to us that he will most likely host the red carpet at the Emmys this year for the TV Guide Network. We caught up to him during a practice session of Celebrity Circus this week, just after Joey had finished signing an autograph for a young fan of his work in Hannah Montana. Watch him on tonight’s episode of Celebrity Circus.

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Where else are we going to be able to see Joey this year?

TLC just aired the *Office?* this past Sunday, so I’m hosting that as well with Mel B from the Spice Girls. I’m in the works of possibly doing a show right now. It just got green listed and we’re in the process of casting. Once we start filming I’ll definitely let people know more about it. I’m also possibly going to be doing the Emmy’s for the TV Guide Network. So I’m keeping busy; it’s kind of crazy.

Have you been able to hangout with people on the set?
Well, it’s pretty tough. I’m only hosting it and everyone else is rehearsing throughout the week. I actually fly home to Orlando, so I don’t see much of them. I go see my family, come back on Sunday, rehearse Monday, dress rehearse today, and film today as well. So usually I only get a chance to hangout with them after the show tonight since that’s their only time to kind of wind down.

Did you know anyone before this show?

Everybody, really. I kind of knew everyone from before. I’ve known Rachel, and I knew Stacy from doing an episode of the Clueless TV show with Nsync. I’ve met Weeman before, and I’ve met Antonio as well. So I know all these people but its hard to bond since I move in and out. I’m just a host, I don’t mingle with the celebs haha.

What was the first thing in your mind when you first heard that you were going to be hosting this show?
I was just really excited. They called me up and told me I was to be doing a show called Celebrity Circus, and I remember Circus of the Stars which is an old-school version of it but it wasn’t a competition, it was just them performing. I thought it was something different since you’re doing a crash course of these acts.

How do you pick your projects, specifically your hosting jobs?

Something that is going to be fun, and something that is going to be exciting. Not necessarily something of longevity, but a project that’s going to get people going. Something of high energy, although this is something that’s a little different since I’m a ringmaster. I have to find that that line between being a ring master and being my stupid self. With the singing office show, I thought it was just a cute, fun-loving, moral booster for offices. You involve the people in an element that they’ve never done before. In a lot of these types of shows, you put celebrities in different elements but why not put regular people in an element that they’ve never done before. For example, being in a group with four other people to sing and dance.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Who the heck knows? Hopefully doing some films, and still doing some hosting. Hopefully something exciting. I have my own production company and I’m slowly starting to produce shows. I’m actually a producer for Singing Office.

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