Molly Ringwald and the Stars of ‘Breakfast Club’ on TV


Molly Ringwald has shocked TV watchers by deciding to play the mother of an unwed teenager (how very Juno! or maybe Jamie Lynn Spears!) on ABC Family’s new series, The Secret Life of the American Teen, leading many of her fans to feel a wee bit nostalgic for the days of The Breakfast Club.

Molly isn’t the only Breakfast Club alum to break into television. [Go behind the scenes of Molly’s shoot for Guide magazine to promote her newest TV project] What are the TV credits in the resumes of other Breakfast Club stars?

1. Emilio Estevez: Emilio has primarily been involved in film, with credits such as Bobby and The War at Home, but TV credits include a guest starring role in CSI: NY, Cold Case Files and the West Wing.


2. Judd Nelson: Judd’s most popular and biggest post-Breakfast Club stint was clearly on Suddenly Susan, but once the show ended he guest starred on the popular show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


3. Ally Sheedy: This “indie/goth” Breakfast Club member has moved from film to theater and then to television, most notably with a guest role on another ABC Family show, Kyle XY, CSI, and The Dead Zone.


4. Anthony Michael Hall: The series The Dead Zone has another Breakfast Club alum in its midst, with its main star being Anthony Michael Hall. The show aired from 2002 to 2007, but since then he has found time to guest star on Entourage and the much anticipated film, The Dark Knight.


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