Watching TV on Fancast: The Bachelorette – “The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever!” (Recap)

By Emily Hochberg


Everything we’ve watched on the Bachelorette so far was all for tonight. Deanna Pappas is left with two men and one rose. One man will leave brokenhearted and the other engaged. Ladies and gentlemen (I know there are some of you) it’s time for the most dramatic rose ceremony ever! Until next season anyway.

But before any roses are handed out Deanna will introduce the guys to her family who are a bit defensive after meeting Bachelor Brad last time. Jason is first and Deanna’s father seems nervous that Jason’s three year old son would create an immediate family Deanna may not be ready for. Jason then takes a forced walk with Deanna’s sister where he assures her of his love so much so, he’s practically shouting it from the rooftops. He next faces her Dad’s and reiterates these sentiments and asks for permission to propose. Her father is honored; no one has asked before (ahem, Brad), and he wouldn’t have it any other way. At the end of the day Jason sold his case and Deanna’s family names him the one.

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Jesse’s is practically green with nerves when he shows up. His answers are short and awkward and Deanna’s family worries if he is really ready to commit. It probably doesn’t help when Deanna’s dad threatens to hunt him down if they don’t visit all the time. After he leaves, Deanna struggles to decide. Her family is used to seeing her with one kind of person and seems to unanimously back Jason. Deanna asks her father if he would be happy with either one and he hesitates. After all, Jesse didn’t ask his permission.

The next day Deanna’s extended family comes for a visit. Jesse arrives for part two of his funfest and settles in to the couch when – doorbell! In walks Jason to sit on the other side and we are in for a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. They’re asked about the pros and cons of dating Deanna and I’m left wondering if there is a written essay on this interview too. The mood is finally lightened over a big fat Greek dinner where both guys try for the Grandparent “in.” Jesse teaches them to “hit nugs,” his signature fist pump greeting while Jason asks for their secret to wedded bliss. The answer, by the way, says Grandpa is always agreeing with your wife. Well said. Before the day is out Jesse tracks down Mr. Pappas and confesses he is falling in love with his daughter and seeks out his “stamp of approval” which he kindly offers. As long as he keeps his hair short.

Pretty soon it’s back to the Bahamas for final dates. But first there’s someone who needs to speak his mind. Another twist! In walks Jeremy for one last shot to assure Deanna his feelings were real and hopes he could still be the one. Unfortunately for him, not much has changed in his case and Deanna still isn’t in love with him. Jeremy then endures a second embarrassing goodbye confessional and breaks down and cries. This guy is going to be seriously messed up with women for a long time. Do I see a future Bachelor in our midst?

Before the final rose Deanna has her last two dates. She and Jesse take a helicopter ride to a secluded island for some frolicking. Later he presents her with a “book of thoughts” more commonly known as scrapbook. With Jason, they go shark diving. Nothing says romance like having a dozen hungry sharks circle by. He presents Deanna with a gift as well, a homemade board game that reenacts old memories.

And then it’s done and time for the final rose. With rings in hand both men pledge to propose. Jason arrives first and though I’m pulling for him I have a sinking feeling. The whole episode was edited for him to appear in love and the secure choice, the one her family wanted. While Jesse declared his love too, her family wondered if he was ready. Luckily I saw through it so when Jason goes to get down on one knee and is promptly cut off by Deanna, I’m disappointed, but not shocked. Unfortunately he is. Deanna tells him that he’s this perfect, amazing person but she’s in love with someone else and it sounds like a Jeremy curse all over again. Poor Jason, the sweet single Dad who took off his body armor to fall in love again is left shell shocked and heartbroken. Forget Jeremy, I vote Jason for next Bachelor!

But we’re forced to get over it quicker than he can because now we get to watch the mush and gush of Deanna and Jesse living happily ever after! Jesse tells Deanna he can’t live without her. He drops down to one knee and Deanna shouts a resounding yes and is finally able to say I love you. And with 24 ruined men in her wake, Deanna found her true love and will live happily ever after. Until they inevitably realize real life is not the fantasy world on this show and most likely break up. Sorry, this is being written by a cynic after all. But one whose heart was warmed and will secretly hope those two kids can make it work.

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