Adrianne Curry’s Response to Florence Henderson’s Statement


At the TCA press tour last Tuesday, Florence Henderson described the marriage between her former Brady Bunch son Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry a hoax engineered by producers of the VH1 show My Fair Brady to enhance ratings. Well, Curry, the outspoken winner of America’s Next Top Model, fired back through her rep. A statement sent to by her publicist reads:

“For Florence Henderson to use the Television Critic’s Association as a platform devoted only to disrespecting another individual who is completely unrelated to the Television movie she was supposed to be promoting is grossly unprofessional, irresponsible and immature. Ms. Henderson has been in this business a long time and should know better by now. Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry never asked Florence Henderson (an actress) for counseling. Ms. Henderson doesn’t personally know Adrianne Curry so she has no basis in which to publicly voice inaccurate and hurtful judgmental opinions about Ms Curry or Knight’s decision to marry her.

For the record; Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry enjoy a solid healthy relationship in a happy marriage.”

PS: Henderson is a licensed hypnotherapist who counseled Knight in the show’s first episode.

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