Buzz Aldrin: Taking Audiences to the Moon and Educating the President


Buzz Aldrin is concerned about the current state of presidential interest in the space program. So much so that he’s taken it upon himself to educate the next president (whether it’s Obama or McCain) about key issues. He’s created a special task force for just that, the Space Transition Advisory Team.

At this week’s Television Critics Association tour where he was promoting National Geographic’s “Live from the Moon” which will air during the network’s Expeditions Week, he talked at length about this additional project:

I’m trying to put together a team, organizations and key people to advise the candidates and the elected President in November of what we think the major choices are for modification of the path that we’re on right now. A lot of people think the vision that we set forth in ’04 was wonderful, finish the space station, retire the Orbiter, get to the moon by 2020, and then we get to Mars and beyond. That’s a great policy and a great vision but the implementing steps after four years appear to have some question in many people’s minds, and I’m not going to sit back if I have questions and be quiet anymore. So I’m going to assemble a group and try to make it as smooth and straightforward and as appealing so the candidates will learn from the two and then work especially with the next one and figure out what we should do to have leadership in space in 20, 30, 40 years.

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