Dennis Hopper Hopes There’s No SAG Strike

Dennis Hopper SAG Strike

Dennis Hopper had some choice words for reporters regarding the possibility of a Screen Actor’s Guild strike during today’s promotional panel for the new series Crash on the Starz network, even joking about his buddy Jack Nicholson, whom he shared the screen with in the iconic film, Easy Rider. “I don’t wanna go between Jack Nicholson and Tom Hanks,” He joked “But I guess I’d have to side with Jack. Out of the 120,000 in SAG there’s 7,000 people that make their living primarily acting and the others have other jobs. Generally if it comes to strikes they do it because they want more benefits, which isn’t necessarily great for the industry. I hope it doesn’t come to a strike. I hope we don’t go out and strike, but beyond that I have no knowledge.”

Don Cheadle, who is the co-executive producer of the new series, chimed in, saying “We sort of gave away the farm at the last writers strike. These residuals, they’re our lifeblood, I’m lucky because I work pretty consistently, but a lot of people work month to month and I hope we can come to some agreement without coming to a strike. And its not just writers who take the hit, its caterers, cleaners, restaurants too.”

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