It’s Official: School of Rock 2

School of Rock

The original crew from School of Rock is coming back to put together a sequel – writer Mike White, director Richard Linklater, producer Scott Rudin and star Jack Black, reprising his role as Dewey Finn, the wasted musician who stole his best friend Ned Schneebly’s (White) identity and found a new career in teaching kids how to rock and/or roll. Whether or not we’ll get the Stevie Nicks-loving principal Joan Cusack or the one-note snot played by Sarah Silverman back is still up in the air, and no word on whether or not we’ll follow the original group of kids or get an all-new batch.

The new film is tentatively titled School of Rock 2: America Rocks (or maybe 2 School 2 Rock) and White says it came from such a personal place that writing the script actually made him cry. This should mean that the strong heart from the first one will remain intact as the story expands. Even people that don’t like Jack Black liked School of Rock.

Watch the trailer for the original School of Rock.

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