Josh Brolin, Jeffrey Wright Engage In Some Old-Fashioned Horseplay

Josh Brolin, Jeffrey Wright

A bar fight! A bar fight, thank God!

In this age of ridiculous chemical-abuse rehab stories, drug-addled meltdowns and unfortunate paparazzi incidents, it’s refreshing to hear that Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright, stars of Oliver Stone’s W, along with some of the film’s crew all got arrested for getting into a bar fight in Shreveport, Louisiana at a place called The Stray Cat Bar just after 2 AM. It’s even more amusing when you imagine it’s George W. Bush and Colin Powell getting hammered and throwing down.

It’s just the old-fashioned kind of rabble-rousing you’d get out of a Burt Reynolds movie, and one imagines the key grip broke a chair over some ruffian’s head while some extended banjo solo was spilling out of the jukebox. Even though the chances are it was nothing more than a shoving match or some ego-clashing about “fancy pants Hollywood types,” it’s so much better to imagine Brolin and Wright getting thrown out the front window after smashing a beer bottle over some needlessly belligerent biker fella’s head. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out that they were just being completely arrogant jerks.

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