Lena Heady and Summer Glau of ‘Terminator’ on Fame and Muscles


Lena Headey knows all about fans who were weary of her reprising her character, Sarah Conner, on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles because her muscles weren’t up to par with Linda Hamilton’s body in the film version of the series. “People seem to have made terrible comments,” she said at the Television Critic’s Association Panel on Monday, “but we’re about to go back on so we’ll see what happens. I’m waiting. I have these gigantic biceps now so I’m ready.” She joked.

How is Summer Glau dealing with her newfound fame? “People always choose to say something to me when I’m at the pharmacy, the produce section or airport,” she said. “I’m like ‘I’m sorry I’m just a regular girl’. I always feel like I’m disappointing in real life. Just a girl reaching for the celery. But I’m thrilled at how many people are watching the show. People are seeing the show and are excited about it.”

Watch the new series when it bursts back onto the airwaves September 8th, but in the meantime, check out some awesome clips.

Brian Austin Green talks about his character.

Check out a deleted scene from the pilot.

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