Megan Fox, Seth McFarlane, Amanda Bynes, Thomas Decker & Fox Party At the Pier


Where else can Megan Fox, J.J Abrams, Olivia Wilde, Matt Groening, Glenn Close, Jerry O’Connell, Niecy Nash and Katey Segall mingle under one roof? At Fox’s All-Star Party at the Pier (where else?) this past Monday in Santa Monica to promote the channel’s all-star lineup of new and returning TV series and reality shows.

After getting our party started we chatted with Bobby Lee about his role on Seth Rogen’s Pineapple Express (“I only have, like, 2 words” he told us laughing, so we shouldn’t get our hopes up!) and his friendship with Amanda Bynes, whom we actually spotted later on sprinting through the crowd with Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane. This was the sighting that prompted some outlets to wonder if the May-December couple were more than “just friends”. Kato Kaelin approached us to talk about his new reality show venture, Gimme My Reality Show. But he also told us what he really wants to do is host his own talk show. Can you picture him sitting alongside the ladies on The View?


When I sat down with Niecy Nash with a drink in my hand, I asked her what I have always wanted to know. Does she watch Cops? “Honey,” she said, “I’m on Reno 911. I don’t need to watch Cops!” Terminator’s Lena Headey took goofy pictures inside the photo booth with a male guest, and her co-star, Thomas Decker let us in on his musical background. Did you know he had a record deal by the age of fifteen? His new album, currently out on iTunes and called Psyanotic, is a mix of folk and electronic music.

Where else would these stars come together? Only in the wonderful world of Fox, where reality shows and amazing prime time series and stars collide.

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