Saturday Night Live Now Also Thursdays; Presidential Transition “A Breath of Fresh Air”


Saturday Night Live is taking advantage of the current presidential elections, and will increase episodes from 20 live shows to 22 shows, culminating with 7 live episodes leading into the election. There will be four new episodes in a row starting sept 13th and SNL’s Weekend Update will be extended to airing Thursdays beginning October 9th.

Lorne Michaels chimed in on the addition, saying “I think it’s something that’s worthy in that most things can wait till Saturday. I think, John Stewart, that’s what they do. Our presidential candidates turn into characters, so it will be another view of them and also sometimes stories happen on Mondays and Tuesdays that are done by the time Saturday comes around.”

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Will they miss poking fun of the current administration? “No,” said Michaels. “It was harder and harder to do anything but the president on the show. There was nothing you could be telling the audience that they weren’t already more than familiar with. They just didn’t wanna see it anymore. When this campaign started it was a breath of fresh air…in the sense that there was going to be change. It’s definitely the most exciting campaign and definitely the one everyone’s paying attention. Certainly from anything I’ve ever been through.”

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