Milo Ventimiglia Gets A Call From George Lucas

Ann M. Murray

Milo Ventimiglia’s Star Wars spoof videos on YouTube, where Milo and his buddies mess around with realistic light sabers, were a big hit with his fans; and also with Star Wars creator, George Lucas! Milo talked to Fancast at last night’s NBC/Universal All-Star party in Beverly Hills about getting an interesting phone call from the director’s production company about those very clips.

“The light-saber videos that we’ve done, we got a phone call from Lucasfilm saying that they loved them,” he told Fancast. “They put them on their website! We’re like, ‘Oh, okay..?…are you gonna sue us?’ They’re like, ‘No, we love them!’ So now they’re part of a bigger piece that they’re doing at Comic-Con that Lucasfilm is putting up. They’re showing all the fan videos that are part of the Lucas genre which is so exciting since I’m like a huge Star Wars geek.”

How does it feel to be part of something that he’s such a huge fan of? “It’s kind of a compliment, where you’re a fan of someone and their a fan of something you worked on. [For example] I saw Toby Mcguire and we talked. He told me how he loved Heroes, and I said, ‘Your Spiderman!’ I mean it’s like that. It’s amazing.”

Hayden Panettiere also hung out nearby but left early after talking to a few reporters (including Fancast!), and Ali Larter, Masi Oka and Zachary Quinto were also at the party to promote the new season of Heroes.

Watch Milo’s Star Wars Light Saber videos after the jump.

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