Selma Blair, Molly Shannon’s New Characters Are Like Dinah, Lindsay Lohan

Ann M. Murray

NBC’s upcoming show, Kath & Kim, focuses on a forty-something single mom (Molly Shannon) who has jumped back into the dating game but whose world gets turned upside down when her daughter, a young bratty “trophy wife” named Kim (Selma Blair), gets divorced and moves back home. Blair, who is jumping into a TV series after the successful summer film Hellboy, wasn’t the obvious choice for the role: “People didn’t think she could do this role,” said executive producer Michelle Nader at the NBA TCA panel. “They didn’t think of her as particularly funny. She’s so pretty and thin. But I was intrigued just as much as anyone else. When she talked about it she really got my attention. She said [the character is] like Britney spears. She is an American girl, sort of this narcissistic juvenile girl.”

Pop culture plays a big part on the series, with popular personalities like Lindsay and Dinah Lohan, and Britney Spears influencing the character’s psyche. “Our characters adore these people,” said Selma Blair. “They are fascinated by them. My character thinks of herself as one of them. it’s part of the humor that our ages are confusing. It’s part of our culture. My age could be 40 or 12. Her character is demented.”

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