Kyle Howard On Why You Should Be Watching ‘My Boys’: “Because we’ve got the hottest girls on TV!”

by | July 29, 2008 at 6:59 PM | General

Ann M. Murray

There’s nothing cooler than a hot chick who’s not afraid to be herself around her guy friends, particularly if she ONLY has guy friends. My Boys, a series entering its second season on TBS, centers on just that. PJ Franklin, played by Jordana Spiro, is a sports anchor who just happens to have a male-only group of friends. And she also just happens to be hot! Well, at least according to her co-star, Kyle Howard, who plays Bobby Newman, a sports journalist from a competing paper who also once dated PJ. “Well its weird because I think all the three are on our show: Jordana Spiro, Jamie Kaler, and Kellee Stewart,” said Kyle when Fancast asked him who he thought were the hottest women on TV. “Of all time though, I think I’d have to go with Pamela Anderson…At one point I thought that there really wasn’t anyone that was sexier than her.”

Fancast has clips of the TBS show. See what Kyle is talking about!

Fancast: How did you get the part?
Kyle: I mean it was a pretty normal audition. I knew Betsy, who had written the show. A couple years before this pilot, we had done another show on CW that she created called “Run of the House”. I thought she was such a cool boss and such a funny writer.


What did you think of the part before you signed up?
Seeing TV, and knowing the kind of formula on how shows go, I saw that he was the “hunky-handsome-heart throb-guy”. I thought, “Well, that’s not me.” I mean I’ve played love interest guy before, but I’m usually the quirky love interest, or goofy, best friend guy, which I love doing. So I had this conversation with Betsy Thomas [the show's creator], and I was like, “Dude, I don’t know if I’m that type of guy.”

What did she say?
She said, “Kyle, to be honest I don’t think so either, but I want you to come in and see how you go. But just so you know, its TBS, not Fox. We’re not trying to make a soap opera. We’re not trying to get model faces and make a beautiful people show. Its people being real, like sitting around, playing poker, drinking, and cussing, so that made me feel a little better. [laughs]

What was it that cemented you in the role?
I came in with Jordana, who had gotten the part already, and it was really fun reading the material. Her and I totally had chemistry and I was convinced that it would work out. So I still had to go in to test and all that stuff, but it worked out.

Catch My Boys Thursdays at 9pm on TBS.