Video: Everybody Wants To Be Italian

Everybody Wants To Be Italian

Jake (Jay Jablonski) has spent a decade trying to win back his ex-girlfriend, even though she’s now married with three kids. When his buddies set him up on a blind date with a gorgeous Italian woman from Boston named Marisa (Cerina Vincent), Jake is convinced that she wouldn’t date anyone who isn’t Italian. So he’s compelled to take a crash course on how to fake it, and in the process, learns how to move on with his love life.

If you’re having trouble placing Cerina Vincent, you may remember her as the girl who got so scared of dying in Cabin Fever that she decided to just grab the guy nearest to her and sex him up. More likely, you remember her stunning performance in Not Another Teen Movie as Areola, the foreign exchange student who was all the time naked, and thus not in any clips or photos.

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