Nashville Star’s Gabe Garcia is Watching TV with Fancast

By Quendrith Johnson


If you watched Nashville Star on NBC this season, you already know who Gabe “I don’t let nothin’ bother me” Garcia is. He came in second last night during the season finale to belter Melissa Lawson; but he is twice as laid back about that or anything else. After all, Gabe spent most of the season pranking everyone else on location. The Texas-born, near-pitch-perfect songster with Latin style likes to add a little extra laundry soap for folks, and mess with shaving cream for fun and games. Launched into Nashville Star history, Gabe Garcia, 28, from a little place called Lytle, TX, also just digs watching TV. Here are Gabe’s faves for Fancast:

All Time Favorite TV Shows:

1) The Girls Next Door: For obvious reasons (read: girls).
2) Extreme Elimination on Spike TV: It’s hysterical.
3) CMT: It’s important for me to stay current on new artists and music.
4) Dallas Cowboys Games: Love watching the ?boys’ play in my home state.
5) Two and a Half Men: I’m a fan of anything with Charlie Sheen.

Best Series He’s Never Seen:
24: I would love to get into this show but I just don’t have the patience. It’s hard to jump into the middle of a series that has been steadily building over each episode.

Most Underrated Series:

Dirty Jobs (with Mike Rowe): It’s interesting to know the variety of jobs out there, and how everyday things are made.

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