Video: Edward Norton and Colin Farrell in “Pride and Glory”

Colin Farrell and Edward Norton in Pride and Glory

There’s been some behind-the-scenes strangeness going on with Gavin O’Connor’s Pride and Glory, starring Edward Norton and Colin Farrell, but it’s now on track for an October release, so we can take a breath, secure in the knowledge that we’ll get to check out this interesting cop thriller.

Norton plays Ray Tierney, an honest homicide detective charged with investigating the precinct run by his older brother Francis (Noah Emmerich), who may or may not be a dirty cop. Jon Voight plays their father, the chief of police, who keeps pushing Ray to find out what’s going on. The further the investigation goes, the more it leads to Francis’ best friend Jimmy Egan (Farrell), who may have a different idea of what effective policework means.

The first trailer for Pride and Glory showed us that Jimmy might have been caught up in something against his will, and implying that it’s Norton and Farrell who are actually playing the brothers. This new trailer gives us more, suggesting that Jimmy knows full well what’s going on in his unit, and is the driving force behind it. Check them out and see what you think.

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