Nashville Star’s Jewel Weds Ty Murray

Ann M. Murray

Singer Jewel made the transition from 90’s songstress with an alternative streak to hosting the popular country music show, Nashville Star, in 2008. Now she’s taking on a whole new role: wife to longtime partner, Ty Murray, whom you might remember from the show Ty Murray’s Celebrity Bull-Riding Challenge on CMT. (What a country-licious coupling!) The couple fled to the Bahamas to wed secretly on Thursday after a whopping ten years of living together. Jewel also has a new country album out. Catch her talking about it on Fancast.

Did Jewel borrow a few lines from her book of poems, A Knight Without Armor, for her vows? Not unless she wants Ty to ride his horse steer clear away from her! Check out a snippet after the jump.


I have blonde hair
I pluck my eyebrows
I have my father’s nose,
my mother’s hands
I have crooked teeth
and green eyes
I play guitar
I used to get sick alot
I like the color of wine
I’ve cheated on boyfriends
I’ve owned fake ID
But my hair is still blonde
and my teeth are still crooked
and I probably won’t always like
the color of wine

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