Chris Columbus to Direct RFK’s “Last Campaign”

Chris Columbus

Chris Columbus is set to direct a feature film adaptation of Thurston Clarke’s book The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Day That Inspired America. If you’re unfamiliar with what that would entail, read up on RFK. 1968 was an insane year, when national turmoil was seemingly on the brink of tearing the country apart. RFK’s assassination in the middle of his surging presidential campaign, only months after Martin Luther King suffered a similar fate, increased tensions to a high boil, which exploded at the Democratic National Convention just a few months later. Both were tireless campaigners for civil rights. This is what producer Michael Barnathan had to say about Kennedy’s commitment to the public even after the murders of both King and his brother John just six years earlier. The day King was shot, he gave a speech to a crowd in Indianapolis:

“He refused to call it off, or surround himself with police. Most of that crowd learned of Dr. King’s murder from him, and he gave a moving off-the-cuff speech. Here, the second hero of his life had been murdered, and rather than crawl behind bulletproof glass, he stood tall.”

It will be a change of milieu for Columbus, who is known for directing comedies and the first two Harry Potter films. It’ll certainly be an abrupt shift from the Hayden Panettiere flick I Love You, Beth Cooper.

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