Is Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis Pathological or Just Neat?


Jeff Lewis, head honcho on the show Flipping Out, is crazy. Crazy like a fox! His tactics of working on holidays, mega-orderliness, and organizational habits drive his assistants and partners up the wall. However, although his traits may be annoying, they have turned him into a real estate powerhouse in Los Angeles.

Psychology Today suggests Jeff’s personality traits might stem from undiagnosed obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, “not enough of the symptoms to meet the diagnostic criteria, but enough to be considered especially persnickety.” Lewis may even agree, having talked about his history of anxiety and obsessiveness: “If my parents didn’t give me separate plates for my chicken, mashed potatoes, and spinach, I would get visibly anxious and wouldn’t eat anything.”

Does Lewis suffer from OCPD or is he just a very particular guy? Make up your mind after you check out Flipping Out clips on Fancast.

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