Swingtown (recap)

By Sara A. Bibel


In honor of the Olympics, this episode gets a 7.2 for difficulty and a 5.6 for execution.

Bruce catches Susan faking it. That’s not an auspicious start to their plans to spend the rest of Bruce’s vacation focusing on their relationship. Susan is annoyed that Bruce wants to spend some of their together time playing golf.

Janet approaches her new secretarial career with the expected anality. Roger volunteers to take on some of her household chores. She leaves for work and he symbolically puts on her apron. Roger admits to his therapist that he’s falling in love with Susan though he loves Janet.

Brad asks Tom to invest in his club, Jet. He invites them to check out the disco. Trina invites Susan to join her at Jet so the Party of the Week can happen. She runs into Roger at the grocery store. She helps him make Chicken Kiev. Susan admits she called him from the cabin. Roger admits he called her back. Janet comes home to find her best friend and her husband in a state of domestic bliss. The subtext is heavier than the chicken Kiev. Janet tells Roger to stop daydreaming about a career and find a job. Later, Janet apologizes. She thinks once Roger finds a job he likes they’ll be able to resume their former, happy lives.

Janet joins the temp typing pool at a newspaper. The tyrannical boss quickly fires an employee over a typo, offers Janet a permanent position, and slaps her on the ass. The workplace was frightening in the pre-spell-check era.

Rick seems attracted to Sam’s busty friend Lisa. The tweens play strip poker. The girls get the guys down to their underwear quick while remaining fully clothed. Lisa takes Rick someplace private to make-out. Minutes later, he rushes out of the place. Lisa complains he was all talk and no action. In the 70s nobody had gaydar. Chivalrous BJ refuses to let Sam take her top off when she loses.

Tom puts on a hilarious Travolta-esque disco outfit for his trip to Jet, a wanna-be Studio 54 with shirtless, silver hot pants wearing bartenders and *gasp* men dancing together. I predict Rick will sneak in with a fake ID soon. After rejecting cocaine, Susan suggests ‘ludes. Yeah, that’s the mature way to handle marital problems. Trina, naturally, has some in their purse. The whole club busts out perfectly choreographed moves. I refuse to believe that ever happened. They all go back to T&T’s pool for a steamy fourgy part deux. The next morning Susan feels like hell while Bruce seems unphased.

Roger tells Rick not to settle for the first girl that comes along. Ouch. How can he not realize the awesomeness of Janet? Or that his son is gay?

Laurie rejects Bruce’s offer of driving lessons because she wants Doug to teach her. Doug boringly makes her practice her technique in his apartment first. They end up having sex. Laurie bitches about Bruce. Doug thinks Bruce is being pretty reasonable, all things considered and suggests she let him teach her to drive. Laurie always does what Doug says despite her claims of being an independent thinker. Bruce and Laurie get into an argument before she pulls out of a parking space. Laurie tells Bruce he doesn’t know everything – including what he knows about Susan. Bruce praises Laurie. She’s surprised he has such kind words for her. Bruce acknowledges it’s his fault for being distant.

Roger kisses Susan. This is not going to end well.

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