On Fancast: Today’s Highlights: In Plain Sight Season Finale, New Burn Notice, And More!



1. In Plain Sight: A Fine Meth – Really everything is just a fine mess for Mary. After a disastrous kidnapping ordeal, she comes to understand that her job could be in jeopardy, what with Brandi’s irrepressible need to traffic drugs. How’s that for a first season finale?

2. Burn Notice: Bad Blood – Someone has been embezzling funds from a hip-hop mogul’s charity. What a disgrace! Diddy would never let something like this happen.

3. The Office: Dwight’s Olympics – Dwight Shrute has some better competition ideas for The Olympics. Think you could win a gold in any of them?



John Wayne in “The Barbarian and The Geisha” John Wayne, known affectionately as The Duke (do actors get awesome nicknames like this anymore?), stars outside of his usual milieu in the John Huston film The Barbarian and The Geisha. It’s based on the true story of Townsend Harris (Wayne), who became the first ever American ambassador to Japan back in 1856, named by President Franklin Pierce, only to discover that the Japanese are quite hostile towards him. Through perseverance, he manages to earn enough respect for them to allow him to enter Tokyo. In the process, the young geisha girl Okichi (Eiko Ando) who was sent to undermine his mission actually falls in love with Harris, and that story has apparently become a folk tale in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Mark Wahlberg As Max Payne Max Payne is a video game full of John Woo-styled action and pulp noir flavor. Max Payne is a hard-boiled cop on the edge whose family is brutally murdered, setting him out on a revenge quest with no regard to the rules. Mark Wahlberg is Max Payne. Max Payne also stars Mila Kunis as an assassin named Mona Sax. Max Payne was directed by John Moore, who also directed Behind Enemy Lines, a movie you can watch in its entirety right here on Fancast. Max Payne looks really cool.

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2. Deep Soap: Daytime Continues To Chew Off It’s Own Leg
3. Roundup: Freaks & Geeks

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