Fancast’s Faces Of Fall: Zachary Levi On Chuck

By Tom Rose


Zachary Levi
Chuck Bartowski, Chuck
Premieres Monday, Sept. 29 at 8 p.m.

Age: 28

Hometown: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Where You’ve Seen Him: As a neurotic Bellman on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Why He’s Someone To Watch This Fall: Because the premiere falls on his birthday! Seriously, ever since his knockout turn as Jesus in an L.A. Community Theater revival of Godspell his song and dance act has been steadily building steam. Zachary’s collaborative skills as well as his strong acting background have served him well for this sophomore return as Chuck, since the show relies heavily on outrageous plot lines and out of this world imagery.

Quote: “Oh man, it’s a dream job. I write as well and I’ve written characters similar to Chuck, but for a guy like me it’s a perfect job. I’m more like Chuck than I am not, so instead of working I can just be my nerdy self. It’s a lot of fun. The gunfights and the car chases, explosions, comedy, and drama – I mean it’s got everything. It’s an actor’s dream.” –On what it’s like to play out every man’s secret wish – retail clerk turned super-spy.

Preview: Take a stroll down the Red Carpet with Zachary, or watch full episodes of Chuck right here on Fancast.

See more of Zachary on his fan site.

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