Fancast’s Faces Of Fall: Elizabeth Reaser On The Ex List

by Quendrith Johnson


Bella Bloom,The Ex-List
Premieres Friday, Oct., 3 at 9 p.m.?

Age: 33

Hometown: Bloomfield, Michigan

Where You’ve Seen Her: Does anyone watchGuiding Light? Elizabeth was in that, and in a movie called Sweet Land, where her character Inge is also looking for a future love. In Grey’s Anatomy, the TV series not the pre-med illustrated book, ER was Emmy nominated (Guest Actress) in ’05 for pulling off the task of portraying an accident victim with Phantom-of-the-Opera face (read: disfigured). But Elizabeth Reaser is capable of much more than just being bandaged, hooked to an IV bag and sipping from a straw in a hospital bed; she went to Juilliard, NYC’s gold standard of performing arts schools.

Why She’s Someone To Watch This Fall: Look for ER to break out some serious acting chops as lovelorn lead Bella Bloom in the hex list, Ex List, where she has to find Prince Charming by process of elimination with the help of a storefront psychic this fall. And if you listen to her and show writer/producer/virago Diane Ruggiero talk about it, the reasons are self-explanatory for watching. (See below.)

Quote: Let’s just let the Ex-Listers speak for themselves when asked if ER’s character Bella Bloom might be perceived as a ‘s-l-u-t’ if she runs through her extra long “to-do” list of men in this series:

ELIZABETH REASER: What’s a slut?


ELIZABETH REASER: I don’t know. What is it?


ELIZABETH REASER: No, I mean, who’s to say… How does one define that? Sorry… I’m just curious. It’s sort of relative.

DIANE RUGGIERO: It’s relative. Yeah, my father has a very different definition than, I’m sure, other people might.

Preview: The list goes on CBS soon, but for now we’ve got you covered here on Fancast. And, a big plus, Alex Breckenridge is on board.

We can’t vouch for this ER fansite, but, (em)voilà(/em).

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