Fancast Fall TV Preview: The Ex List

By Quendrith Johnson


Premieres Friday, Oct. 3 at 9 p.m.

Stars: Haplessly star-crossed lover Elizabeth Reaser, and Sandy Mesiner-trained, Montreal native Anne Bedian, as her future-telling/advice-giving co-star.

What’s It All About: In the Possible/Probable Department, The Ex List is one of those suspension-of-disbelief-driven series where Elizabeth Reaser plays a lovelorn lady who finds she has dumped the love of her life and must sift through the rubble of her sexually burned bridged with the help of a groovy friendly but not scary psychic (Anne Bedian) to find Prince Charming. Expect her to watch her find an army of Prince Harming’s along the way, ps.

Quote: Ever since the Television Critics Association shindig in LA this year where show writer Diane Ruggiero told a room full of reporters about her sex life’s influence on penning The Ex List, she and ER have had to fend off all kinds of inappropriate questions, like HOW she writes, what she writes, as in: DIANE RUGGIERO: I actually let my (word-rhymes-with-heart-condition-angina) write half of the script, so — [Laughing] — it’s not my fault. ELIZABETH REASER: [To Diane Ruggiero] Are you sure that’s what they’re talking about?… What is the vaginal humor? DIANE RUGGIERO: Uhm… The network was cool (with it).

Preview: We have something on it here.

Why You Should Watch: Because showrunner Diane Ruggiero actually said she is letting her privates write part of the show. ZMOG! Or. Because lead Elizabeth Reaser as Bella Bloom rocks. Or. Because Drew Barrymore dumped Justin Long on advice of her psychic and recently sent Cameron Diaz to said psychic for boyfriend advice (read: psychics are IN). Or. Think 50 First Dates meets Groundhog Day. (em)(For Ex-tra Bonus Points: Drew Barrymore’s psychic is Mrs. Grace in West Hollywood, who can reached on her cellphone at 310.854.7621 for grins.)

Odds: (As predicted by Vegas Odds-Maker Johnny Avello, Executive Director of Race & Sports – Wynn Las Vegas)

It’ll Evaporate First This Season: 11 to 1

It’ll Live To See A Second Season: 28 to 1

It’ll Become A Mega-Hit: 100 to 1

Johnny’s Verdict: “Not much to watch on Friday nights”

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